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D1.1 – Data management plan
D1.2 – Project Management Handbook

D2.1 – Gaps and illicit activities trends analysis and technology watch
D2.2 – Design of the iFLOWS user requirements, use cases and validation protocol
D2.3 – Datasets from customs, police and postal/courier services
D2.4 – Technical Requirements, Specifications and iFLOWS Toolkit Architecture

D3.1 – Delivery of the novel iFLOWS scanning systems
D3.2 – Delivery of the AI-enabled tool (computer vision algorithms) for the performance en-hancement of the iFLOWS scanning systems

D4.1 – Delivery of the iFLOWS unified risk assessment tool
D4.2 – Delivery of the iFLOWS dark web and social medial data processing approach
D4.3 – Delivery of the iFLOWS early warning and incident management system

D5.1 – Laboratory Integration, testing and validation (LABXs)
D5.2 – Field integration, testing and validation in small scale deployments (FSX)
D5.3 – LabXs and SSXs Knowledge capitalisation: Systematic Training, Performance Assess-ment and Lessons learned

D6.1 – Dissemination plan and material (website, logo, etc)
D6.2 – Report on the implementation of communication activities and UAB management
D6.3 – Report on exploitation activities and IPR

D7.1 – H – Requirement No. 1
D7.2 – POPD – Requirement No. 2
D7.3 – EPQ – Requirement No. 3
D7.4 – AI – Requirement No. 4
D7.5 – NEC – Requirement No. 5

Dissemination efforts


Recap of 2nd Plenary Meeting in Lisbon – Download ⇲

Recap of 1st Plenary Meeting in Berlin – Download ⇲

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